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Pain Will Push You Until Vision Pulls You.

Focusing on the future opens the door to using inspiration, creativity, and bolds dreams to propel you forward and create the vision you have for your life or enterprise.

In the journey of creating your vision, roadblocks from the past appear and try to stop you, trying to bring you back to what is familiar and known. This time, the vision is strong, and you have the right tools to clear the path, as many times as needed, with your future as your guiding star in the night sky.

Embarking on a coaching journey with me is all about that future, that big vision, the right tools, and how to consistently commit to the journey while enjoying every single step.

15-min Discovery Call


Meditation Coaching

Consistently using meditation tools in your coaching journey has two unique benefits compared to traditional coaching: It allows you to access a deeper state of mind to uncover any challenges hindering you, and it allows you to powerfully install new visions, beliefs and perspectives right at the core of your subconscious mind. Meditation is also the easiest way to envision the impossible, bypassing the limitations that our "normal mind" imposes on how we experience or perceive the world.

Vision Coaching

Where we put our attention, we place our energy. Where we place our energy, grows. There is a time and place to turn our attention to what's not working, but if we spend too much time trapped there, it gets more and more difficult to move forward. Using a vision for the future as the guiding star of your journey will allow you to stay deeply connected to the power of what you are moving towards. Turning inspiration into the driving force behind every step of the journey.

How it Works

What is a "discovery call"?

A free 15-minute call where you share with me what you are looking for, I explain how my work can match your needs, and we decide if we are a good fit to work together. A discovery call is free and doesn't constitute any commitment other than showing up and bringing an idea of what you are looking to achieve.

Where can I book my first coaching session?

After the discovery call, if we both decide to embark on this journey together, you'll have access to an internal platform where you can book sessions on a calendar and pay for each session or a package.

How much is a session?

Prices per session will vary depending on the number of sessions, packages, or combinations with other services or courses. There are also scholarships available for those who can't afford the minimum price, always reach out if that describes your situation.