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Know Your Mind to Change Your Life.

You can get as many massages and relaxing vacations as you want. If, as soon as you are back in your life, stress, anxiety, burnout, or overwhelm quickly catches up with you, it's time to get to know your mind.

As humans, we are designed to create meaning all the time, and our perspectives are constant reinforcements of the past. How do we move forward to better futures as individuals, families, collectives, and societies if we don't even understand where our behaviors, feelings, and realities come from?

There is enough science and wisdom out there to prove that how we perceive ourselves and the world around us is completely upside down. If you are tired of temporary solutions and the latest fashion in self-development and are looking to take courageous steps toward deep, honest, and sustainable change, have a look around this website and click on whatever catches your eye (or mind... ;-). I'm excited to meet you.

Weekly Meditation Class

Starting February 2024, a weekly online class free and open to all.


Three Tips to Start Meditating, The Right Way!
Let's assume you have just reached a point when you do want to start having a daily meditation practice because you know it will be good for you, your mental health, and even for the people who interact with you daily.Maybe you have read an article a...
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