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Life is a blank canvas

Do you know how to write your own story?

Hello! I'm Sally,

I'd love to show you that, even though it may seem like everything has already been written, you still have the power to rewrite your story and turn your life into what you truly desire.

On this website, you will find my meditation classes, the transformation program I have created called Onöra, and news about my upcoming workshops and classes.

It's very important that I confess something to you right away: if you're looking for meditation classes to relax and reduce stress, you're in the wrong place. I will only teach you meditations that can radically transform your life.

Weekly Meditation Class

A weekly newsletter with a recording to investigate your mind.


An 8-week program that teaches you how Neo learned to bend the spoon in the movie The Matrix, to transform anything you want in your life.

Queer Wellbeing by We Create Space

Join a lunch break meditation, every week on Thursday, during April and May 2024.


Three Tips to Start Meditating, The Right Way!
Let's assume you have just reached a point when you do want to start having a daily meditation practice because you know it will be good for you, your mental health, and even for the people who interact with you daily.Maybe you have read an article a...
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